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    The Arden Residences

    Immerse Yourself in Modern Luxury

    A collection of ten luxury residences in the heart of one of Melbourne’s smallest pockets in the heart of Gardenvale. We referenced the origins of the original brick villa, called ‘The Estate of Green Meadow’ connecting the word ‘Arden’ which comes from the Hebrew word ‘Garden of Eden’ and forms part of the word Gardenvale. Based on the rich historical context, we were able to develop a lush visual brand language, integrating the grounds, formally a paddock owned by the Lemprière family who used it as a polo ground.





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    The interior details are designed to enhance the spatial experience, with natural timber and stone finishes and bespoke detailing. Intelligent design, healthy materials, crafted textures, enduring value and an intrinsic connection to location.

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    Working with Melbourne-based photographer Hamish Appleby, we captured the vibrant lifestyle and essence of Gardenvale and the nearby areas.

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